Faucheuses à disques frontales Kverneland 2828 F - 2832 F

Faucheuses à disques frontales très légères avec attelage très réactif.

Largeurs de travail de 2,81 et 3,16 m

Toujours en avant en matière de fauchage et de capacité de suivi du terrain

Capacité exceptionnelle de suivi du terrain, utilisation facile et légèreté sont les principales qualités de ces machines. Les faucheuses 2828 F et 2832 F se caractérisent par d'excellentes performances en matière de fauchage et par leurs capacités de suivi de tous les terrains. La conception n'exige pas un attelage avant flexible, étant donné que le mouvement est intégré à la machine.

Avantages :

  • Largeurs de travail 2,81 - 3,16 m.
  • Système de sécurité Non-Stop
  • Largeur flexible des andains
  • Boîtier d'engrenages 540/1 000 tr/min
  • Excellente adaptation au terrain

Spécifications techniques :

  Largeur de travail Nbre de disques Poids Puissance requise, min.
2828 F 2,81m 7 670kg 26/35 kW/hp
2832 F 3,16m 8 710kg 29/40 kW/hp

Cutterbar with Round Discs

  • Kverneland uses round discs. Round discs are less susceptible to stone impact, and reduce shock loads in the transmission.
  • Stones are expelled immediately, before they have any chance of becoming jammed. The benefits are lower repair and maintenance costs - at the same time as a clean and aggressive cut.
  • The cutterbar has a high oil capacity, ensuring a very low working temperature. This ensures an efficient oil cooling and lubrication of the entire cutterbar.
  • The long curved gear wheels running in oil provides a very quiet and reliable power transmission.
  • The fully welded cutterbar gives a very stiff and strong design for high durability.
  • With the ProFit quick knife change system, maintenance of the cutting ability is easy. The knives are changed by one simple operation using the special lever.

750/1000 rpm Gearbox

  • Standard PTO speed is 1000 rpm. However by simply switching driveline pulleys, 750 rpm for reduced fuel consumption can be achieved. 
  • This makes it possible to maintain the correct PTO speed, but using reduced engine revs, creating an opportunity for lower fuel consumption – an innovative solution to the problem of front PTO systems not offering an Economy speed.

Ground Adaptation

  • The 2832 FS, 2828 F and 2832 F are characterized by excellent cutting performance and ground following ability in all terrain. The design does not require a flexible front linkage, as the movement is build into the machine. 
  • To ensure best possible pattern of movement, the mowing unit moves independently from the front linkage.
  • The mower design allows a transverse adaptation of up to 17°.