Kverneland Qualidisc Farmer

Le Kverneland Qualidisc Farmer a été conçu pour être utilisé jusqu'à une profondeur de travail de 10 cm.

Le Kverneland Qualidisc Farmer a été conçu pour être utilisé jusqu'à une profondeur de travail de 10 cm. Par conséquent, le Kverneland Farmer est 7 à 15 % plus léger que le Qualidisc actuel, donc plus facile à lever et idéal pour réduire le compactage du sol.

Le Qualidisc Farmer est disponible dans des largeurs de travail de 2 à 4 m en version repliable et le Qualidisc Farmer remorqué est disponible dans des largeurs de 4 à 6 m.

Le Qualidisc Farmer est équipé d’un nouveau bras de support prêt à recevoir des disques trempés de 520x5 mm (dureté de 215 kg/mm²) sans mouvements latéraux lors du travail pour une qualité de coupe constante.

Avantages :

  1. 7 % à 15 % plus léger – facile à lever, réduisant le compactage du sol 
  2. Qualité de coupe constante grâce au faible mouvement latéral du bras de support des disques
  3. Disques traités thermiquement de 520 x 5 mm (dureté de 215 kg/mm²)
  4. Moyeux des disques bien protégés sans entretien pour une longue durée de vie sous forte pression à la vitesse de travail.
  5. Réglages faciles
  6. Bon nivellement et débit de la terre contrôlé
  7. Peut être combiné à un semoir A-Drill 200 ou 500 pour semer une culture de couverture ou de l'herbe en un seul passage lors du déchaumage
  8. Large gamme de rouleaux
  Largeur de travail (m) Nombre de disques
Qualidisc Farmer 2,0/2,5/3,0/3,5/4,0 24/28/32
Qualidisc Farmer repliable 4,0/5,0/6,0 32/40/48
Qualidisc Farmer remorqué 4,0/5,0/6,0 32/40/48

Sturdy frame and reinforced headstock

  • Extremely sturdy - the Qualidisc is fitted with a frame well-proven with the Kverneland cultivator range.
  • Reinforced headstock and a frame size of 100 x 100 x 8 mm, the Qualidisc can be equipped with the heaviest roller.
  • The brackets of the roller are fixed at the front bar of the frame for a better weight transfer during road transport and also at higher driving speeds.
  • Due to the small distance between the disc sections, the Qualidisc requires reduced lifting capacity
  • The working depth is easily adjusted by spacers situated at the depth cylinders
  • The lateral deflectors are folded to keep the transport width in line with road traffic regulations

Maintenance-free bearings

  • Each angled arm is fitted with a large maintenance-free double ball bearing and 35 mm axle. This high-quality bearing is able to carry heavy radial and axial loads.
  • Special protection on the side of the arm is achieved by a special seal of 5 sealing lips and by the joint protecting the bearing.
  • On the other side the disc is protected against dust by an O-ring.
  • The disc hub is fixed onto the arm by a bolt and special washers that prevent any loosening. The bolt is protected against soil by its position inside the arm.

Perfect cutting quality

Due to the aggressive discs and the considerable weight (up to 150 kg/disc), the Qualidisc Pro and the Qualidisc Farmer ensure an excellent working quality even under dry conditions.

The ground is completely cut, the stubble broken apart and correctly mixed on the surface for a good emergence of weeds and volunteer cereal seeds.

A constant cutting angle
Whatever the diameter of the disc, the cutting angle is always constant due to its conical design.

Long lasting discs
Discs of 6mm thickness and  Ø600mm for the Qualidisc Pro.
Discs of 5mm thickness and  Ø520mm for the Qualidisc Farmer.

The discs are given a special heat treatment for a long durability and strength. Thus the machine's longevity is increased and the maintenance costs reduced.

Big notched discs
Kverneland proposes discs with big notches to enhance the rotation in fluffy soil and for a better self-cleaning of the disc with more than 20% of clay. Small notches are kept to maintain the very good cutting quality.

Rear rollers

A large choice of rollers

According to the soil specifications, the consolidation required, the mixing of the soil and straw, the surface of the soil requested and the lifting capacity available, Kverneland offers a choice of rear rollers.

  • Cage roller Ø 550mm - 90kg/m
  • Double cage roller Ø 400mm - 160kg/m (not available on Qualidisc T and Qualidisc Farmer T)
  • Actiring roller Ø 540mm - 160kg/m: active with the adjustable knives, ensuring a good mixture of soil and straw and consolidation.
  • Actipack roller Ø 560mm - 220 kg/m: heavier, for clod crushing and very firm recompaction of the soil. Adapted also for heavy and sticky soil conditions.
  • Actiflex roller Ø 580mm - 160 kg/m: intensive mixing effect combined with a good recompaction makes this roller the ideal tool for best volunteer's regrowth.