Kverneland u-drill

L'u-drill est un semoir tracté combiné disponible dans des largeurs de travail de 3,0 et 4,0 m (rigide) et 6,0 m (repliable) pour la préparation des planches de semis, le nivellement, la reconsolidation, le semis et le rappuyage en un seul passage. Lors de sa conception, on s'est particulièrement penché sur l'utilisation à haute vitesse (10 à 18 km/h), tout en assurant un placement parfait des graines.

La trémie peut être remplie facilement en utilisant des big bags et un chargeur avant ou un engin télescopique. Pour la version de 6 m, une vis sans fin de remplissage est disponible. La trémie a une capacité de 3 000 l (3/4 m) et 4 350 l (6 m).

L'u-drill est extrêmement facile à utiliser : il est bien sûr parfaitement compatible ISOBUS et le conducteur contrôle parfaitement toutes les données. L'u-drill peut être équipé du système GEOcontrol afin de contrôler le taux d'application et la coupure demi-largeur. De plus, un seul distributeur à double effet assure la gestion de bout de champ à contrôle totalement automatique.


  1. Utilisation à haute vitesse (10 à 18 km/h)
  2. Placement parfait des graines
  3. Conception modulaire du châssis pour s'adapter aux exigences des clients
  4. Parfaitement compatible ISOBUS
  5. Utilisation et entretien faciles
  6. Gestion de bout de champ à contrôle entièrement automatique


  Largeur de travail Capacité de la trémie
u-drill rigide 3,0m 3 000 litres
u-drill rigide 4,0m 3 000 litres
u-drill repliable 6,0m 4 350 litres
KV_u-drill 6m_001
Kverneland u-drill
Kverneland u-drill
Kverneland u-drill
Kverneland u-drill
Kverneland u-drill
Kverneland u-drill
Kverneland u-drill
Kverneland u-drill

u-drill - Front Wheel Packer

Step 1: Level the soil

For the best possible preparation, the front tyre packer levels the soil, crushes large clods and thus paves the way for the optimum depth control of the following tools. The front tyre packer has a diameter of 800mm. When it is not needed, it can be lifted hydraulically, simply by pushing a button.. 

KV_u-drill plus 6000_2017_field_0179

u-drill - Disc Harrow

Step 2: Prepare the seedbed

Two rows of  the well-proven short disc harrow with its conical disc shape and individual suspension ensures a fine and uniform seedbed over the entire working width. Thanks to a new hydraulic system, the disc harrow can be adjusted with continuous variability from the cab.

u-drill_disc harrow

u-drill - Offset Wheel Packer

Step 3: First pack, then seed

For perfect depth control of the coulters and an optimum seed-to-soil contact providing excellent capillary action, the loosened soil is re-compacted by a large tyre packer. The large tyre diameter of 900mm significantly reduces the tractive power required by the machine and thus ensures a consistently good work result.

u-drill_off set packer_2015

u-drill - CD-coulter

Step 4: Drill and pack at constant seeding depth

The narrow profile of the coulters with their slightly offset steel discs allow easy penetration into the soil. Thus, little pressure is required at this point with only little soil being displaced. The coulter pressure of 100kg can, therefore, be primarily used for the pressing by the integrated press wheels. The result: a uniform seeding depth even at high working speeds! The seeding depth and the coulter pressure can be centrally controlled by the push of a button from the tractor cab – this saves additional time.

The stable depth control and the pressing of the seed produce a capillary system in the soil that ensures access to water and excellent germination

u-drill_CD_coulter 2015

u-drill - Depth Guidance and Press Wheels

Working zone 5

Depth guidance and press wheels 380 x 65mm to guarantee the best “seed–to–soil” contact and establishing a capillary system.

u-drill_press wheels_2015

u-drill - Following Harrow

Step 5: Closing

Harrowing the soil completes the drilling. S-shaped or finger harrows ensure an optimum covering of the seeds. The working intensity can be set by the stepless pressure adjustment and at three different angles. To prevent damage to the harrow when reversing, it is equipped with an effective reversing device.

KV_u-drill plus 6000_2017_field_0098

ELDOS - the metering device

  • ELDOS is electric driven by e-com and is fully ISOBUS compatible.
  • GEOCONTROL by GPS signal is possible which avoids double seeding.
  • Special sensors ensure functionality from the tractor cab.
  • Four standard rotors are delivered for fine and large seeds or fertiliser.
  • A fifth rotor is offered as an option for maize, sunflowers and greening seeds.
  • The exchange of the rotors is quick and easily done without any tools.
  • Application rates from 1 to 400kg/ha are possible (depending on working speed and width).
  • The metering device is always easily accessible. 


  • Very simple calibration test due to the separate seed guidance.
  • A remote control allows the driver to operate the calibration process at the metering device.  
  • No gear has to be adjusted. The driver simply enters the desired values into the terminal, presses one button to start at the metering device and that’s it.
  • The calibration is done automatically.
  • A calibration flap with an integrated gate prevents any seed from dropping into the hose.
Rotor 1 for wheat
Rotor 1 for wheat
Rotor 1 for wheat
Rotor 2 for grass
Rotor 2 for grass
Rotor 2 for grass
Rotor 3 for rape seeds
Rotor 3 for rape seeds
Rotor 3 for rape seeds
Rotor 4 for beans
Rotor 4 for beans
Rotor 4 for beans