Spreading Charts App

Spreading Charts App

Kverneland Spreading Charts Mobile App and Website

Setup your Kverneland fertiliser spreader easily with the new Kverneland spreading charts Application. The spreading charts App will give you direct access to the most up to date results of specialised testing and fertiliser experience. In just a few steps, the spreading chart App shows you the right settings for your Kverneland spreader; based on knowledge, experience, and testing results of fertilisers.

Easy, in just a few steps you have your advice: 

  1. Select your spreader model.
  2. Enter the working width, application rate, driving speed and the type of application.
  3. Select the fertiliser shape and fill out the fertiliser properties.

Based on the vane set, you get a list of fertilisers which meet your requirements, followed by showing you the spreading advice, adjusted to your settings. By following these easy steps, you are sure you get the best spreading pattern possible in the field.

The Kverneland spreading charts Apps are available for free through Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store - click on the logos below to get the FREE App.