STEEL as a science

In-house laboratories

Kverneland has two in house laboratories to study, analyse, develop and control the special “boron steels” and more complex steels like “tool steels”, used in the plough. This shows the commitment of Kverneland to master the whole production process of advanced steels with customized properties.

Close collaboration with serious steel mills
Kverneland metallurgists also work in close collaboration with the most serious steel mills inEurope, those guarantying sustainable quality standards over time. The communication of technical datas and research goes both ways which helps developing new steels of unique properties. Hence, Kverneland can purchase 25.000-30.000 tons per year of taylor-made steels.

Most advanced expertise
Kverneland’s steel expertise is so advanced and renowned that Kverneland laboratories deliver analysis and advice to the off-shore oil industry. Kverneland factory has also been forging and hardening wearing parts for the excavator industry for years.

Complex production processes for unsurpassed results
The complexity of Kverneland heat treatments in terms of process and results can be illustrated by the production of mouldboards. Several operations must be performed. A process called Carburising is used to increase the hardness potential on the surface while still maintaining the original properties of the steel in the core. Carbon is induced on to each mouldboard through a gas for as long as 12 hours. Joined test pieces are then controlled at the laboratory to ensure that a layered structure have been created in the mouldboard; hard as a diamond surface and tenacious core. Thus, the mouldboard will ensure a wear resistant ploughing while having the property to absorb shocks without cracking.