IsoMatch InDemo

IsoMatch InDemo

Our compact solution to demonstrate the compatibility of ISOBUS machines wherever you are

ISOBUS is all about compatibility. Whether you would like to show a customer your machines' compatibility to their ISOBUS tractor or demonstrate functionality on the IsoMatch Tellus, the IsoMatch InDemo is the perfect solution. The IsoMatch InDemo has won a silver medal of innovation at Agritechnica 2013.

Just plug and play
Plug the IsoMatch InDemo plug into the tractor's ISOBUS connector and you are ready. Every IsoMatch InDemo plug is programmed with a particular machine software. The virtual terminal functions as if the plug was a real machine. This compact solution is applicable to any ISOBUS tractor type.

Demonstration on the desk?
Connect the leg stand to the IsoMatch Tellus. Place the IsoMatch Tellus on your desk. Connect the plugs and the connector box and you are ready to demonstrate the machine's functionality. It is as simple as that.

Machine types
IsoMatch InDemo plugs are available for all machines. For more details contact the nearest sales company.

A compact solution for demonstrating ISOBUS compatibility

Fully operational, without the need for machines

Just plug and play