IsoMatch Tellus GO

IsoMatch Tellus GO

Work easy. Be in control.

Tellus GO is especially developed for controlling the machine in a simple way. The farmer is in full control of the machine in exactly the way he wants. Easy set up the machine with the soft keys via the 7-inch touch screen. And, optimal control while driving, just use the hard keys and rotary switch. Controlling the implement has never been so easy.

IsoMatch Tellus GO - tractor cab2

This can be you your first step into Precision Farming
IsoMatch Tellus GO makes it easy to control any ISOBUS machine from your tractor cab. IsoMatch GEOCONTROL enables you to achieve higher yields, lower costs and do your work with less hassle. This licence key is divided in two parts, Section Control and Variable Rate Control, which are available from the IsoMatch Shop. Now you can buy the specific functionality that you need.

IsoMatch GEOCONTROL - Section Control (SC)
The IsoMatch GEO-SC makes sure that the implement’s sections will be switched on and off automatically. This avoids undesired overlap and operation outside the field border.

TellusGO_front1+screen SC
IsoMatch GEO-SC:
  • Shut off sections when driving over previously covered areas
  • Shut off sections when driving outside field boundary
  • Shut off sections when driving backwards
  • Headland control
  • Manual override possibility
TellusGO_front1+screen VR

IsoMatch GEOCONTROL - Variable Rate (VR)
The IsoMatch GEO-VR will automatically adjust the output rate for the implement. It enables you to vary the rate of seeds, fertilizer and chemicals.

IsoMatch GEO-VR:
  • Forward place specific rate from task to machine
  • Record applied rate from machine to task

Free of charge features:

  • IsoMatch GEOCONTROL - Data Management: all application and field data can be exchanged between your farm management system and IsoMatch GEOCONTROL via a USB stick. Field reports are available for ISOBUS and non-ISOBUS machines.
  • Manual guidance: following precisely predefined tracks across the field, also with non-electric or non ISO-implements.
  • Support for external variable rate device (e.g. Yara N-Sensor)
  • Registration of task details 

IsoMatch Tellus GO is compatible with various IsoMatch accessories, allowing you to have full control of all your tasks. Click here for more information about IsoMatch accessories.

Hardware specifications

Tellus GO - Specs
  1. 7 inch touch screen
  2. Ten hardware keys with LEDs
  3. Rotary control button
  4. ON/OFF button
  5. ISOBUSShortcut Button
  6. 9 pin ISO 11783 in cab connection
  7. Power and ISOBUS input connection
  8. Speaker
  9. Single USB 2.0 connection
  10. Single USB 2.0 connection
  11. RJ45 Ethernet connection
  12. Camera input
  13. Tractor ECU input signals
  14. RS 232 connection