The Future of Smart Farming

The Future of Smart Farming

Speed up on the path towards connected agriculture

Precision agriculture is moving closer to becoming the norm and its significance and impact will continue to increase in the future. The current offering from suppliers gives farmers numerous options and solutions for how to produce more with less; utilise inputs more efficiently and thereby increase profits and sustainability.

Kverneland Group Founder of the ISOBUS Standard – Plug and Play to get started

Kverneland Group is the founder of the ISOBUS standard. Plug & Play is what it is about for the farmer. On this basis we concentrate on development of future standards, such as HighSpeed ISOBUS and Wireless technologies. Secondly our strengths are in assuring compatibility always.

Farmers can use the AEF database for an easy compatibility check done with a few mouse clicks. Farmers shouldn’t have to worry if their purchased tractor or machine can or cannot communicate together. With an ISOBUS terminal connected the handling of the machine via the terminal in the tractor needs to be easy and nothing but easy.  Finally: We have built up a long experience in developing GEOSYSTEMS: Intelligent machines that work with precision accuracy by use of (RTK) GPS & AutoSteer, Smart control loops (e.g GEOSEED), Section & Variable Rate Control (e.g. GEOSPREAD) and the use of Smart Sensors.

Especially the last one, Smart Sensors, will expand significantly in the years to come. The Future of Farming is about higher productivity and more efficient use of land, water and fertiliser. When everything from sensors to field equipment has the ability to report data back to a central wireless ”location”, the possibilities for better management of crop production, as well as farm operations, are almost endless.

“We are working on devices that collect and report machine data automatically as an essential basis of developing the implement needs for the future. “

Basically the farm of the future will be managed from the farmer’s laptop; he can generate yield data, track how the crops are doing and he can follow and adjust machine performance. Smart, Efficient and Easy.